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Phrames, a new concept

More engaging than a picture and more interactive than a GIF!

With phrames you can easily record a sequence of images and interact with your smartphone! You can record whatever you want from a breathtaking view to an inviting dish, by a strange object to your pet and you can view your phrame by swiping it with a simple gesture! You can share a phrame with all your friends on the majour social network like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or WhatsApp.

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Your endless creativity

Several different subjects to record

With phrames you can record anything you have in mind. You can enjoy a spinning selfie or a group phrame with all your friends. You can take a breathtaking view of the mountains or catching tan on the beach. Record the most amazing dish at your favorite restaurant from different angles and share it with your friends! Discover new recording ways such as time lapse or stop motion and surprise your friends with your creativity!

Panoramic Selfie


360° panorama


Different platforms and different languages

For different users from around the world!

Download the latest version of phrames to your smartphone and start to record and share your creations! Phrames is available for your Android smartphone or to your iPhone! Phrames is also distributed throughout the world in more than 20 languages!

Oh yeah, it's free!

Anyone can use phrames and have fun!

Using phrames is completely free and we want to keep it free forever! Help us to grow the community of phrames: record, enjoy and share!